Sleeping Lions BBC2
Short Drama:  Mia, an introverted 15-year-old, has a dark secret that she has never shared for fear of destroying her mother’s happiness, but when she discovers her younger sister is in danger she is faced with a difficult decision. Written by BAFTA-winning Neil McKay. The film has won and been nominated for various awards.
Director, Producer, Editor & Development.

Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success
4 short films sponsored by Samsung, about the Celebrate Success award recipients documenting how they overcame challenging life events with the help of Prince’s Trust.
Director, Photography & Editor

Desi Rascals SKY 1 Series 2 Episodes 5-8
Structured Reality, chronicling the lives of a multi-generational cast living within the British Asian community of London created by Tony Wood and Gurinder Chadha.

My Life: Face The Music CBBC
Documentary: We journey with 15 year old Shane over 3 weeks as he writes and ultimately perform his CBBC inspired music piece ‘Spectrum’ with the Royal Northern College of Music’s Session Orchestra for BBC Music Day in front of a 750 people with a 46 piece orchestra.
Director, Photography & Editor

Johnny Marr ‘I Feel You’
Music Video for Record Store Day 2015 featuring Johnny and his band performing in blacked out studio.

Johnny Marr ‘Easy Money’
Music Video, Johnny and his band perform and mess around in Blackpool with a New Wave vibe.
Director & co-Editor

The Cursors
Short Comedy Animation: the eponymous Cursor family, the computer cursor characters that curse, struggling with everyday online tasks and through humor help the novice understand computer basics such as Parental Controls and Internet Video. Think 70s infomercial meets Adult Swim.
co-Writer, Director, co-Producer & Editor

Johnny Marr, ‘New Town Velocity
Music Video, Johnny walks around a visually Modernist Manchester fabricated from a patchwork of locations dotted around the city and its suburbs.
Director & Editor

Suede ‘Hit Me’
Music Video, Two Kids trash an art gallery.
Director & Editor

Johnny Marr, ‘Amazon Interviews’
Documentary for Warners/Amazon for debut solo album The Messenger. Simple photogenic Interview captures Johnny in an quirky, humerus and intimate way.
Director, Producer, Photography & Editor

Johnny Marr, ‘Upstarts’
Music Video for Johnny’s debut single taken from debut solo album, The Messenger. Johnny and his band perform in a disused space, filmed with 35 year old Tube Cameras as a nod the New Wave movement.
Director & Editor

Same But Different BBC2
Series of Emmy Winning and BAFTA Nominated short films about kids with differences from across the UK who in their own words describe what it’s like to me “me”.Director, co-Producer, Photography & co-Editor.

Orphan  Boy ‘Pop Song’
Documentary Music Video chronicling the life and times of Orphan Boy, the critically acclaimed underground indie band.
Director, Producer, Photography & Editor

Orphan Boy ‘Some Frontier’
Documentary Music Video featuring injured soldiers and their families.
Director & Photography

Barnabus, ‘Got Any Spare Change’
30 sec TV Commercial
Director & Editor

The Artful Dodger BBC2
Short Film: Children’s BAFTA nominated silent comedy about a young boy who sneaks into an art gallery and causes mayhem.
Director & Editor

Co-Operative Bank ‘Good With Money Football’
TV Commercial
Director & Editor

Co-Operative Bank ‘Good With Money Animal Testing’
Online Viral
Director & Editor

Co-Operative Bank ‘Good With Money’
Internal Comms

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