Johnny Marr Easy Money

directed by David Barnes

Easy Money is an instantly catchy tune and I was certain the song would be a hit. The video has been described as “high times in low rent England” which is very much what we were trying to achieve. A very tight turnaround saw us filming with a documentary size crew shooting Johnny Marr performing in characterful Blackpool locations.

My favourite moment in the video is Johnny singing the line “cash for a degree” in front of portraits of Tory Prime Ministers David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher and John Major.  As I was scouting locations, I visited various Conservative and  Working Men’s Clubs as a possible venue for the performance section. In one of these venues, I was drawn to the wall of Tory PM portraits, thinking how funny it would be to get Johnny to sing in front of his sworn enemy (Dave was famously “forbidden” by Johnny from liking The Smiths after the PM professed his love for the group). Johnny was brave enough to go for it!

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